Textured Pavement Ahead, For Your Pleasure

Half way there!

Currently running down highway 290 listening to British radio and researching the Texas BBQ that must be consumed in order to make visit official. Anyone heard of Rudy’s in Lubbock, TX?

Austin was lovely and full of chatty kathy’s that loved to recommend restaurants that have already closed. After stumbling into the Sheraton looking like some of Seattle’s more choice vagrants we both passed out for several hours no longer able to ward off the exhaustion.

Awakening with the hunger to end all hungers we found a different valet to question. He recommends the Ironworks BBQ that I had been to last time I was in the city and was nonplussed in my experience of. Fancying another go we hoofed it the 11 blocks to find they closed 5 minutes prior. Heading back the same way to find Stubbs, another recommendation that was closed for a private party. The bouncer say Carmelo is good, but the Yelp! reviews were consistent 1 stars. Finally, we settled on Moonshine which provided a lovely local Tequila, corndog shrimp and of course, meatloaf. Fat and happy we sauntered back and fell fast asleep.

Awakening to our own pungent road smell we scrubbed, ate, charged and fueled. Onward.

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2 Responses to Textured Pavement Ahead, For Your Pleasure

  1. John Walpole says:

    Keep going boys, Daisy is counting on you!

  2. Jenni Hovell says:

    I wish I would have read this sooner. I ate at a Rudy’s once in Tyler, TX which had PHENOMENAL brisket! AND Diet DR. Peppar on fountain which is the only thing I like about TX 🙂 I hope that you stopped. I was terrified of it because it was attached to a gas station but the food was amazing!

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