So…Where Ya’ll From?

Despite our initial start being late we have come a long way in less than 24 hours. Austin, TX is but 334 miles further with one more fuel stop and driver change scheduled.

We had something of an exciting all night drive. Employing the radar detector to help our pace. Fortunately, our pace was never really affected until the Virginia highway patrol took interest in our temporary plates.

Despite me getting to sit shotgun in the squad car while he checked to make sure our stories coincided, very little actually happened. Our matching stories were just crazy enough allowing him to drop the notion that we bought a used Beamer and were running some sort of illicit substance cross country.

After further uneventful driving through what I’m sure are some very impressive mountains in daylight, we came to Powell, AR in search of breakfast. After the epic Waffle House fail of 12 hours ago we had finally found someone that not only cooked with real eggs, but could season them as well.

Progress so far: 1,400 miles in 22 hours. My turn to take us into Austin.

As far as the waffle house providing one of the worst meals in both of our lives, which is saying something, at least no food poisoning. As Tony says, “you can’t get food poisoning without real food.”

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2 Responses to So…Where Ya’ll From?

  1. June Pellowski says:

    Sounds like you made it into the South! I’ll stop worrying about snow and worry about dust storms:)

  2. John Walpole says:

    Your 1st stop by the cops on your great adventure – nicely handled. Did he manage to pull up the website in the cop car?

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