24 hours later.

After 1700 miles, three meal stops*, five fuel stops and 24 hours we finally made it into Austin, TX.  I would have posted this earlier but I had reached a the point of hallucinatory tiredness that all I could do when I got to the hotel was sleep.  It has been a most uneventful 24 hours in so far that neither of us has tried to kill each other, we didn’t crash, get arrested or break down.  For the most part the BMW made it here without issue or calamity and apart from a drivers side headlight that only comes on 50% of the time (which a reboot always fixes) and what I perceive to be a slightly dodgy clutch (entirely likely due to my crappy driving) seems to be fault-free. 

Juat half an hour into my first stint behind the wheel I was questioning my own sanity at the idea of flying 9000 miles then back tracking and we’re not even home yet.  For the most part the Interstate network has done exactly what it was supposed to.  Progress has been leisurely thanks to a ban on radar detectors in Virginia and a light flurry of snow for the majority of the night run here.

It seems that Austin has the most talkative people in the world, everyone just wants to chat and be our friend.  The valet guy at the hotel was fixated on how I spell my name and just wouldn’t shut up.  Had he not had been so god damned friendly I would have stabbed him through the eye with my car key.

I’ve learned a couple of things on this trip:

The back seat of a 3 series is a surprisingly comfortable place to take a nap, especially for a shorty like me.
The “Waffle House” chain of restaurants should be prosecuted under the Trades Descriptions Act for serving something pretending to be food.
The people of Dallas are the worst drivers in the world.

We are 50% of the way there, UPS has been cheating and the package is already just a few miles from its destination in Oakland, CA so I’m guessing that part of the challenge is over.  I’m hoping after a good 8 hours in a proper bed my sense of humour will have returned and the journey through NM, AZ and CA is more pleasant than the first half.

Do remind me to tell you all about us almost running out of petrol in BFE, our encounter with the state popo and the worst meal of my life but now sleep, beautiful, peaceful sleep is calling…


About tony2x

I'm a burgeoning technology executive living and working in the beautiful Bay Area of Northern California. My life revolves around three things: technology, food and transportation and it is here we will be examining all of those in varying amounts of detail and vitriol.
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4 Responses to 24 hours later.

  1. John Walpole says:

    Rest up! I hope the food improves for you guys.

  2. Christopher says:

    The drivers in Dallas are the worst in the US. They also have the worst football fans, worst drivers in freezing weather***, highest concentration of blonde women per capita, most suburban assault vehicles (SUVs) per capita, and a terrible airport.

    ***Denotes it’s own category due to the fact it makes Seattle drivers look like they know what the hell they are doing in snow/ice.

  3. James Stanbridge says:

    The people of Dallas might well be the worst drivers in the world, I have no experience of Texas – but I do seriously doubt it! Once you have completed this challenge (Dalian to Xian; or maybe Chennai to Mumbai) I would consider you qualified to assert as such!!

  4. Althea says:

    James has a good point.. only someone with a death wish would drive from Chennai to Mumbai.

    As for the people who keep wanting to talk with Tony, I think the “posh” British accent may have something to do with it.. 🙂

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