Manfred begins to Manifest his Destiny


Hey everyone!  Yup, still alive.  Passing through the cold, blustery hills of Virginia just south of Roanoke.  Just had a meal at the local Waffle House. 

There may be regrets later, but we will discuss that then.  We took a bit more time than planned ironing out the final details.  When you are in a foreign city doing simple things like shipping from a UPS store it takes extra time when you can’t find the damn place.  That also goes for finding several restaurants, the car garage, the bag of cords that was left in the rental…at about 3:30pm we finally hit I95 southbound. 

Our cockpit blinks like a dumbfounded Virginian.  Connected as ever i can’t decided whether to stream the Casa Bonita episode of South Park to my iPhone or the laptop.  Instead a post and a nap.

We are taking in as much Americana as possible with little video shorts and many a funny photo.  What else can we say other than this car is a lot of fun to drive.

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4 Responses to Manfred begins to Manifest his Destiny

  1. John Walpole says:

    iPhone? WTF? You mean Windows Phone 7, right?

    • thedriverz says:

      Don’t worry John it’s only a temporary defection back to the dark side. My HD7 isn’t blessed with the US 3G bands and nor do I have any of the in-car paraphenalia that I do for the fruit phone. Normal service will be resumed once I’ve picked up my Venue Pro.

  2. Althea says:

    Nice picture, Tony…:)

  3. thedriverz says:

    WTF is Windows 7!!??? lolz

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