The challenge.

The challenge is simple.  To stay true to my inspiration it is car vs public transport, in this case a bus.  Not a real one mind, but a radio controlled Kowloon Motor Bus MCW Metrobus Mk II that I will be sending via UPS Ground to my home.  UPS Ground quotes four days from Philadelphia to San Francisco. 

Our route takes us from Philadelphia and to give us the best chance of avoiding snow and ice we are heading South, passing through Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas and then into Texas.  With an overnight stop in Austin we then head through New Mexicon, Arizona and finally California.  A total of 3,470 miles to be covered.

Now let’s do some sums:

3,470 miles / 4 = 867.5 miles a day.
Assuming an average speed of 60 mph = 14.45 hours a day at the wheel.
EPA MPG rating of a 2003 BMW 330xi is 20 city/27 highway so I’m going to say 24 mpg average with a tank capacity of 16.6 gallons = 398 mile range = 2 fuel stops per day.

The drivers are only permitted to change at fuel stops.

I’ve been accussed of low-balling the challenge, so to make things a bit more difficult we will be introducing some ‘mini-challenges’ across the way.  The first mini-challenge will be to inspect the vehicle and make sure it is as advertised and worthy of $8,000 of my own hard earned cash.

If you have an idea for a mini-challenge then please feel free to post it into the comments.


About tony2x

I'm a burgeoning technology executive living and working in the beautiful Bay Area of Northern California. My life revolves around three things: technology, food and transportation and it is here we will be examining all of those in varying amounts of detail and vitriol.
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6 Responses to The challenge.

  1. Julie P says:

    You’re going through some great cities and you’re not getting out of the car??!? Take the shorter route then. I-80 or I-70.

  2. thedriverz says:

    Well we might stop, just not for long. The other small problem is that Daisy (my dog for the uninitiated) arrives late on Thursday night and whilst losing to UPS might be a small slap in the face, leaving my beloved pork chop on the tarmac for a day really isn’t on the cards. The shorter route will likely be mostly snowbound and will end up being the longer one. We are overnighting in Austin though.

  3. Iain Hands says:

    Fake JC….great challenge ahead (maybe even get onto TV with it….let’s see what the Beeb have to say eh?)…anyway….mini-challenge: purchase some ridiculous souvenier at each fuel stop relating to that state, with a bonus if they have the state flag…then ebay the lot at the end to add to the charity fund (PS…I’ll start the bidding at $50).

    • thedriverz says:

      Brilliant idea! It will be our first mini-challenge for sure. The BBC are aware of it thanks to someone I know who is rather important there so who knows, we might even get the real Hamster to join us if he’s not too busy selling fish for Morrisons!

  4. Steve Schreiber says:

    Mini-Challenge: While overnighting in Austin, hit the 6th street district and still stay on schedule the next morning.

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